Jennifer Allen

Hi! I’m a computational social scientist interested in digital persuasion, misinformation, and the wisdom of crowds. I’m currently in my 5th Year as a PhD Student in Marketing at MIT Sloan School of Management advised by David Rand. I am also affiliated with the MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy. My research uses computational methods and real-world data to study how digital media contributes to societal problems, and how we can design scalable solutions. In my dissertation work, I combine experiments, crowdsourcing, and natural-language-processing to quantify the impact that COVID vaccine (mis)information on Facebook had on US vaccine refusal.

Prior to my PhD, I worked as a software engineer at Meta on the News and Civic teams, and then as a research assistant at Microsoft Research with the Computational Social Science Group. Before that, I graduated from Yale in 2016 with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology. In my spare time, I enjoy pop culture trivia, yoga, and 5-star NYTimes recipes (wisdom of crowds!).